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25 Aug 2004
IOC News

Spectator survey is favourable

The first findings of a survey of Greek and foreign spectators at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games are, favourable. The survey, conducted for ATHENS 2004, will be complete by the end of the Games.

1,025 people interviewed
Preliminary findings over the first week, with a sample of 1,025 people, suggest that spectator satisfaction rates as follows:
- 97.3% for Games safety (security measures, sense of
- 95% for assistance from staff and volunteers
- 93.8% for the Olympic venues
- 93.8% for sports (experience of attending and development)
- 81.8% for public transport

Overwhelming majority with public transport
The overwhelming majority of spectators (over 85%) used public transport to go to and from the Olympic venues. The means of transport used by those replying to the questionnaire were: bus (29.4%), metro (24.2%), train (16.8%), tram (8.2%) and taxi (5.2%).

96.8% of foreigners very favourable
Of those already polled, 46% were Greek, 13% were American, and the remainder were of various different nationalities. Of foreign spectators replying to the survey, 56.3% said that they had come to Greece only to attend the Games. Another 37.2% had come for tourism. And 96.8% of all foreigners said that their emotions about, and impressions of, Greece were very favourable.

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