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25 Feb 2010
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

Sochi's time fast approaching

With only three days of Olympic glory left for Vancouver, Sochi is preparing to claim its time under the Winter Games limelight.

The Russian House, the World, also appearing as the giant sparkling globe visible in downtown Vancouver's landscape shots, is putting a miniature version of its Games on display in the hope of building excitement.

While visiting with some friends, Christina Yu, a 16-year-old from Vancouver, said: “I did not really know much about Sochi before I came to the House. And actually it’s pretty exciting being here.”

The pavilion features traditional Russian dance performances, magic shows, a virtual hockey game where children get their turn as a goalie, and a mini mock-up of what the city will be turned into come Games time.

“We looked at the scale model and it looks really cool,” said 13-year-old Russian house guest Michael Vela. “I wish I could go there.” 

Sochi will mark the second time the Olympic Games have come to Russia, after the Summer Games in Moscow in 1980.

Sochi - population 411,000 - is situated in southern Russia and is one of the largest cities in the Krasnodar region. 

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter.

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