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09 Dec 2013
Sochi 2014 , IOC News

Sochi 2014 Volunteer Team unveiled

The 25,000-strong Sochi 2014 Volunteer Team made its debut during a presentation ceremony held on 5 December, International Volunteer Day.

The majority of the volunteers are from the Krasnodor region of Russia, including 24 per cent from Sochi, 11 per cent from Moscow and 7 per cent from St Petersburg.

The average age of volunteers is 25, with 60 per cent of these being men and 40 per cent women. In the “silver” age group of 928 volunteers, the average age is 62.

The volunteers include approximately 2,000 foreign nationals. A majority are from the United States (10 per cent), with Ukraine (9 per cent), Canada, UK and Kazakhstan (8 per cent) citizens making up significant numbers too. But there are also volunteers from other regions, with several coming from Japan, New Zealand, Cameroon, Congo and New Zealand.

The majority of the volunteers will arrive on the 21 and 27 January. About 60 per cent of them will work at the Olympic Coastal Cluster venues, primarily at the Fisht Olympic Stadium, with 40 per cent being based at the Mountain Cluster venues. 

They will be involved in more than 20 areas of work, ranging from meeting delegates at airports to helping to organise the Closing Ceremony. About 3,000 volunteers will help guests navigate between venues.

Former Winter Olympic champion and Sochi 2014 Ambassador, Tatiana Navka, said: “I would like to thank all the volunteers for their hard work. Volunteers should be diligent, committed and knowledgeable of the area, but most importantly, willing to make every guest, spectator, and athlete feel welcome. Of course, volunteers not only help run the Games, but also cheer up the athletes and spectators with their energetic attitude.”
Volunteer Brovko Sergey added: “As part of the Sochi 2014 family of volunteers, I will have a first-hand experience shaping and taking part in the Olympic Games. Last season, I was involved in the test events and I am proud to continue contributing to Russia’s hosting of this major sporting event.”

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