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26 Sep 2012
Sochi 2014 , IOC News

Sochi 2014 Organising Committee reveals its slogan

As Russia celebrated the milestone of 500 days to go until Sochi 2014 this week, the Organising Committee released details of the Games’ slogan: “Hot. Cool. Yours.”

The slogan aims to reflect both the national character of Russia and the values of Sochi 2014, by being dynamic and constant.

“Hot. Cool.” form the dynamic part of the slogan as these words can be used in a range of individual advertising campaigns to promote the Olympic event. They also symbolise movement, evolution and moving forward.

"Hot." also reflects the intensity of sporting battle and the passion of the spectators.

The word "Cool." references the fact that these are Winter Games, and alludes to traditional perceptions of Russia around the world.

“Yours.”, however, is constant – it will provide continuity across campaigns and develops the brand communication that Sochi 2014 is “my Games”. It also symbolises personal involvement and invites everybody to share in the achievements and the sense of pride created by the Games.

The President of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, Dmitry Chernyshenko, noted: “The slogan of the Winter Games in Sochi, in my opinion, very successfully captures the diversity of Russia’s national character, and the very personal nature of this Games. The Sochi 2014 slogan demonstrates that it is impossible not to participate, watch, experience and be proud because this is Your Games.”


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