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Situation of the Olympic Movement in Kuwait - IOC Executive Board decision today

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16 Aug 2018
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The IOC Executive Board met today and took the following decision:

  • The reasons for which the IOC-recognised Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC) was suspended by decision of the IOC Executive Board on 27 October 2015 remain valid, in particular the need to protect the Olympic Movement in Kuwait from undue government interference. 
  • However, the IOC Executive Board acknowledged the progress accomplished to date and the positive discussions with the Government of Kuwait in order to resolve the situation, particularly: 
    • The agreement on the principles regarding the process and roadmap for fresh elections of all sports organisations in Kuwait, including, in the meantime, the clear undertaking from the Government of Kuwait not to obstruct the work of the KOC while it is fulfilling its basic responsibilities and duties under the Olympic Charter; and 
    • The agreement to actively support amendments to the Sports Law and/or to issue additional explanatory notes or bye-laws to clarify pending issues, where necessary. 
  • In the interest of Kuwaiti athletes and as a gesture of goodwill to recognise the progress accomplished, the IOC Executive Board has decided to provisionally lift the suspension of the KOC with immediate effect. 
  • At its next meeting (3 and 4 October 2018 at the latest), the IOC Executive Board will review the situation of the KOC and the progress in the implementation of the above-mentioned agreements and roadmap and will consider, at its entire discretion, whether to maintain the gesture of goodwill towards the KOC.
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