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13 Mar 2012
IOC News

Situation of NOC of Panama normalised

Following a discussion on the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Panama, the IOC Executive Board (EB) today declared that the situation with the NOC had been fully normalised.

At its meeting in London in April 2011, the EB had asked the NOC to provide clarification on its sports legislation, ongoing legal cases it is involved in before the Court of Justice of Panama, and on its internal operations.

Based on the information provided, the IOC EB said that there are no grounds to consider a suspension even as a preventive measure.

The EB also clearly indicated that, as stated in the Olympic Charter (Rule 3.2), the IOC remains the sole authority to recognise the constituents of the Olympic Movement, including NOCs and their continental associations.

During its meeting, the EB reiterated its support for the NOC of Panama to ensure the participation of its athletes in the Olympic Games in London this summer, and to help the NOC to bring all national federations around the table for its General Assembly to be held at the end of the year.

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