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02 Jul 2005
IOC News

Singapore Philatelic Exhibition

As part of the 117th IOC Session in Singapore, several cultural activities are planned. One of these events is taking place at the Singapore Philatelic Museum.
From 1896 to 1940
An exhibition organised in collaboration with the philatelic authorities in the country, which retraces the history of Olympic philately from a highly original angle. The visitors can thus discover original drawings from the very first Olympic stamps, as well as stamps planned by Turkey on the occasion of the 1896 Games, but which were never issued owing the political boycott of these Games by the Ottoman Empire.

Marked by the non-celebration of the Games
Between 1896 and 1940, philatelic history was also marked by the non-celebration of the Games in 1916 (Berlin) and 1940 (Helsinki), for which several countries had planned to issue philatelic items.
Olympic philately
Olympic philately occupies a particular place in philately in general. It maintains close links with the Olympic Movement and Games. Olympic stamps were the first to showcase sport. The series issued in Athens in 1896 had 75,000 items, of which 10,000 were Olympic stamps.
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