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02 Oct 2011

Singapore 2010 athletes get together in the Olympic capital!

Members of the Swiss Youth Olympic team, Eliane Dohner (pistol), Augustin Maillefer (rowing), Sébastien Schneiter (sailing) and Pauline Brunner (fencing) , all got together this week in the Olympic city of Lausanne. Just two months after the Youth Olympic Games, the young athletes gathered at an event organised by The Olympic Museum to answer questions from teenagers about their experiences. There were also a few budding young journalists on hand to report on these future sporting stars!

In the presence of Vincent Defrasne, Olympic biathlon champion at the 2006 Games in Turin, they talked about their fears and joy at taking part in such a major event and meeting so many young athletes from different sports and countries at the same time. “Before Singapore, I got really stressed before and during competitions”, admitted Pauline. “But this Olympic experience has changed my life and given me more self-confidence. Now I’m much less scared about competing.”

The Youth Olympic Games were an opportunity for them to make new friends and share the culture and education activities with young people from other countries. “These activities were a chance to have a good time without getting too carried away. The competitions and training were already hard enough to manage, so it was great to be able to have a laugh and relax at the Youth Olympic Village”, Eliane explained.

For more information on these young athletes, their experience in Singapore and their future, stay on line, as the full interviews with them will be coming shortly on the Cube!

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