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04 Jul 2005
IOC News , 117th Session

SINGAPORE 2005: President Rogge Wraps-Up a Successful Executive Board Meeting

Following two days of successful Executive Board (EB) meetings, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge spoke to the assembled media about the events of the past two days, as well as reflecting on the first four years of his mandate as President of the IOC. During the press conference, the President covered several topics including the two last successful editions of the Olympic Games, the IOC’s finances, the TOP marketing programme, TV rights, the IOC’s fight against doping, the review of the Olympic Programme and the future Olympic Games in Torino 2006, Beijing 2008 and Vancouver 2010.

Mid-term reflection
The 117th IOC Session marks the half-way point of President Rogge’s first term as IOC President, and he took the opportunity of this final EB press conference to reflect upon his term so far, as well as the previous quadrennial. The President commented on the two excellent Games that he has experienced as President; namely Salt Lake City and Athens, and highlighted the healthy state of the IOC’s finances, with reserves now running at USD 244 million, which would allow the IOC to survive for four years should the Olympic Games not take place.
Revenues on the up
The President commented on the increases that the TOP marketing programme has seen in recent years, with TOP revenues up around 30% to over USD 800 million already projected for TOP VI (2005-2008). TOP VII (covering the Games in 2010 and 2012) currently has five partners signed up, with ATOS Origin being the latest, and 10 partners in total are expected. President Rogge then went on to discuss TV rights, with the US, European and Canadian markets already having been sold to General Electric and NBC; the European Broadcast Union; and Bell Globemedia/Rogers Media respectively, for the Olympic Games in 2010-2012. These contracts have all seen increases of well over 30% on the previous broadcast contracts.
Olympic Games Study Commission
As the IOC strives to control the cost, size and complexity of the Games, President Rogge informed the gathered media that the implementation of the Olympic Games Study Commission (OGSC) recommendations would continue, and that of the 117 OGSC recommendations, 40% were currently implemented, with the remaining recommendations to be in place by 2012.
Votes during the Session
With the 117th IOC Session starting tomorrow evening, the President also covered the two key votes of the coming week. As regards the 2012 election, he told the assembled media that the IOC has a choice between five cities, all of whom are capable of hosting excellent Olympic Games. As for the review of the Olympic Programme, President Rogge reminded the audience of the philosophy behind that process; that is, the need to have a systematic review of the menu of sports that make up the programme, so as to ensure the Olympic Games remain as inspirational and excellent tomorrow as they are today.
The future of the Organising Committees
After today’s reports to the EB by the Chairmen of each of the future Olympic Games Coordination Commissions, President Rogge gave a brief overview of the Organising Committees’ progress. Torino 2006 is moving ahead well and has a good team in place; preparations for Beijing 2008 are progressing smoothly; and Vancouver 2010 has begun extremely well. The President also mentioned the improved support that the IOC was offering to the Organising Committees to help them become more efficient at hosting the Games.
Past is Past
The President summed up his first four years by commenting, “The past is the past; and it has gone extremely well. But I prefer to look to the future and to the good things that I believe lie ahead of us. The Olympic Movement is in excellent shape and this makes me a happy man.”

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