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09 Jul 2005
IOC News , 117th Session

SINGAPORE 2005: IOC President Reflects On A Successful 117th Session

At the end of the last day of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) 117th Session in Singapore, the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, spoke to the assembled media about the high points of the Session. President Rogge highlighted the two main events of the week which were the election of the Host City for 2012 – London – and the vote on the Olympic Programme. The final morning of the Session had seen reports from the Directors of the IOC administration and the election of Lambis V. Nikolaou and Chiharu Igaya as Vice-Presidents; Ser Miang Ng to the Executive Board and Barbara Kendall as an IOC member.
London 2012
President Rogge began by thanking the Singapore Organising Committee for their perfect organisation during this very important and eventful week. He then spoke about London, first confirming that he had sent letters of condolence to the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone following the tragic events of a few days ago. Rogge then reiterated the IOC’s support for this Olympic City and commented on how he thought that they would soon hopefully start to “experience joy again through sport”. He also reaffirmed that the decision to give the Games to London was an excellent choice by the Session because of London’s “great bid and the quality of its file”.
Olympic Programme Review
The second major event of the Session was the new process to review the Olympic Programme, which, Rogge explained, plays a key part in his strategy and vision to ensure the Games remain inspirational for future generations. This comes in addition to controlling the size, cost and complexity of the Games, which is a method of ensuring the excellence of the Games. Rogge pointed out that by not admitting Baseball and Softball to the programme for 2012, the Session had sent a message that the Games should have sports that are clean and have the best athletes at the Games (in the case of Baseball) and had a universal appeal (in the case of Softball). Rogge reminded the audience that both sports “are eligible for the 2016 Games and we would hope dearly that they will address the issues that we think are important.”
Zero Tolerance
In answer to a question about the expulsion of Ivan Slavkov from the IOC, the President reiterated his zero tolerance policy on corruption and that while it was painful to expel a colleague, the organisation was more important than the individual. Rogge concluded by saying that he hoped that it would be the last time that this situation would arise.
Thank You Singapore
At the end of the Session, President Rogge commented on the major role that Singapore had played in the 117th IOC Session. He paid special tribute to Ser Miang Ng, a new member of the IOC EB and a fellow sailor, who had played such a key role in the success of the event, along with all the staff and volunteers that had worked on the Session.

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