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09 Jul 2005
IOC News , Press Release

SINGAPORE 2005: Elections To The Executive Board And Election Of A New Member

The 117th International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session today voted to elect Lambis V. Nikolaou and Chiharu Igaya as Vice-Presidents to the IOC’s Executive Board (EB). The Session also elected Ser Miang Ng as an ordinary member of the EB and confirmed Barbara Kendall’s nomination as an IOC member.
Vice-Presidents’ Election
As Vitaly Smirnov has reached the end of his four-year term on the EB and Un Yong Kim has resigned from the IOC, there were two Vice-President positions up for election during this Session. The IOC members who stood for election to these positions were Richard Kevan Gosper (AUS), Chiharu Igaya (JPN), Lambis V. Nikolaou (GRE) and Ching-Kuo Wu (TPE). Following the vote by the Session, Lambis V. Nikolaou and Chiharu Igaya were elected to the position of Vice-President of the IOC.
Executive Board Member
There was also a vote for the position of ordinary EB member due to the term of Lambis V. Nikolaou coming to an end. The two candidates for this post were Iván Dibós (PER) and Ser Miang Ng (SIN). Following the withdrawal of Mr Dibós before the vote, Ser Miang Ng was elected by vote to the EB as an ordinary member.
New IOC Member
The Session also confirmed the election of Barbara Kendall as an IOC member. Barbara Kendall replaced Susie O’Neill on the IOC’s Athletes’ Commission following the resignation of O’Neill from the IOC and the Athletes’ Commission at the beginning of the year. Kendall was elected to the Commission because the Commission’s rules dictate that the replacement shall be the athlete from the same continent, who had the next highest number of votes in the election in which the member was elected. Kendall therefore joined the Athletes’ Commission meeting in June in Lausanne and is now an IOC member.

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