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18 Aug 2004
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Shot put in Lausanne as well

To mark the return of the Games to Olympia, where the men’s and women’s shot put events are taking place today, the Olympic Museum will be organising its own competition related to the history of the Games, on Sunday 22 August in Lausanne.


Just like being at the Ancient Games

Visitors can watch demonstrations of discus, shot put and javelin, as well as long jump, running and wrestling as they were practised in Olympia, in 500 BC. Among other things, a narrator will explain that, at the time, the long jump was performed using hand-held weights; a leather strap (ankyle) was used to throw the javelin; and the pankration, an early form of boxing, was often fatal.


Even a race in armour in the Olympic Park!

Young athletes from the local area, wearing linen tunics, will demonstrate the movements from ancient and modern sports. The high point will be a race in armour, as contested at the Ancient Games, in the Olympic Park.


Sporting movements, then and now
The “sporting movement” is part of the Museum’s “From Olympia to Athens” summer programme. Guided tours, themed visits, children’s workshops, concerts and an opera world première have already been held, or will be
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