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27 Jul 2012
IOC News , London 2012

Secrets of success from the world’s best athletes

Butterflies in the tummy, sleepless nights, inability to concentrate? If we are feeling this excited about London 2012, imagine how the YOG athletes must be feeling as they prepare for their first Olympic Games! So the YOG team went on the road again to s

World Champion USA hurdler Jason Richardson explained how he keeps so cool: “don’t fear your opponents, just respect them! We are all made of the same stuff!”  He also spoke about how important it is to have the right support, from coaches and physios to friends and family: “no one is an island so surrounding yourself with good people can make the difference between winning and losing.” 

We asked Robbie Grabarz, Team GB high jumper, for his advice in the run-up to London 2012. He told us: “The most important thing is to look after your body and stay injury-free. For me, to keep calm, I treat the Olympic Games like it is just another competition. Then, on the day, just perform to your best and express yourself. On the morning of competition I just stay really lazy and read a book in bed!”   

Uncover all the secret tips and tricks from many more athletes, such as Zuzana Hejnová, Tyson Gay and Kirani James, in this video clip! 

One last message that they asked us to pass on…. GOOD LUCK and see you at London 2012!

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