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19 May 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

School kids fence their parents!

Students at Shuangtang Primary School, in Nanjing, have been given a chance of getting their own back on their parents, through fencing!  Ahead of this summer’s Youth Olympic Games, the International Fencing Federation recently hosted a Fencing Promotion Programme in Nanjing, intended to encourage participation in the sport. The kids were able to try out all things linked to fencing, and parents needed to be on guard as they were able to fence each other throughout the day.

Chinese Athlete Role Model and Olympic gold medallist Lei Sheng helped the children discover more about fencing, including having a go at the sport themselves – and who better to learn from! Lei Sheng was also the subject of a “Dialogue with a Fencer” session, where he fenced and interacted with the kids, very much adhering to the Youth Olympic Games “Learn and Share” Programme.

Over 1,000 people took part in the day’s fencing fun, including students, parents and even teachers.

It was a day to get involved and try out a new sport, something that we will see lots more of this August in Nanjing!

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