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Sayers has moment on the podium 11 years after missing out in Beijing

When Team GB athlete Goldie Sayers finished fourth in the javelin at the Olympic Games Beijing 2008, she could not help but feel an injustice had been done.

Sayers said: “I remember standing in the stadium thinking, I’m pretty sure I should be [in] third place.”

And so it proved, when a sample given by Russian silver medallist Mariya Abakumova was re-tested and came back positive for a banned anabolic steroid. Abakumova was stripped of her medal in 2016, with Sayers moving up to bronze, although she had to wait until July 2019 to take her rightful place on the podium at the Anniversary Games at the London Stadium.

The International Olympic Committee introduced the Olympic Medal Reallocation Ceremony in May 2018 to award clean athletes with their rightful medal following the disqualification of athletes who have doped.

Clean athletes who have received reallocated medals are the subject of Take The Podium, a six-episode series on the Olympic Channel.

As well as showing the medal reallocation ceremonies, the series will feature athletes sharing the impact the process has had on their lives after they were denied their special moment on the podium.

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