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19 Mar 2003
IOC News

Sanpaolo IMI and Fiat "chief sponsors" of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin 2006

The Organising Committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games - Torino 2006 (TOROC) has signed a sponsorship agreement with Sanpaolo IMI S.p.a. and Fiat S.p.a. With investments of 45 and 40 million euros respectively, the first "chief sponsors" of Torino 2006 are two of Torino's longest-established companies. They take their place alongside Coca-Cola, Kodak, John Hancock, Panasonic, Samsung, SchlumbergerSema, Swatch and VISA, which have already demonstrated their faith in Torino 2006 by renewing their partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). These eight leading international companies are the Olympic Movement's TOP partners. They will provide 130 million dollars for the TOROC. In addition to revenue from sponsors, the TOROC will also benefit from television rights, on the basis of contracts negotiated directly by the IOC. These will generate a further 400 million dollars, mainly paid by the American television company, NBC.

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