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07 May 2009
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Sand sculptures in the Olympic Park

Throughout the spring and summer, numerous events will be on offer in connection with the Heroes exhibition, including one unmissable opportunity. From 15 to 24 May in the Olympic Park, artists will be creating two giant sand statues as a tribute to various Olympic heroes. The first, a 2.5m statue, will represent the legendary Michael Phelps, whose achievements amazed everyone in Beijing. The second, a 5m statue, will pay tribute to sports heroes through the ages. Come and see them for yourselves. Seventy-five tons of sand will be needed to create these sculptures.
Visit Sandcity and see their amazing compositions by clicking on the link.
Find out more by phoning 021 621 67 27, looking at the agenda or visiting the April events listing on the Olympic Museum section of
Jean-Blaise Evéquoz temporary exhibition
From 20 May until 2 August 2009
As a young man already fascinated by art, Jean-Blaise Evéquoz, a Swiss from the Valais region born in 1953, understood that sport could enable him to travel and discover the world, in particular the art world. He chose fencing, which was a good decision because he rapidly became a member of the Swiss national team.
In 1976, he won a bronze medal in the team competition at the Montreal Olympic Games. He subsequently gave up his law studies to devote himself to painting, and attended the Academy of Fine Art in Florence. Today he lives in Sion, where he owns a workshop.
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