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Safe Sport: healthy body image promoted at the Youth Olympic Games

15 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014, YOG, Olympic News
Have you ever felt like you should look a certain way or be a certain weight? Do you have a positive or negative image of your body?

In a bid to promote a healthy body image targeting both athletes and young people, the International Olympic Committee has developed a series of educational videos for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing this month which, using fictional athletes’ stories, aim to teach viewers about healthy eating, exercise habits and the importance of having a healthy body image.

The videos are available on and athletes competing at the YOG have been invited to drop by the “Safe Sport” booth in the Youth Olympic Village (YOV) to learn more and ask questions to the IOC’s medical experts.

Today, girls and young women are frequently exposed to various “ideals” of what their body should be like, and dealing with such pressure can be challenging. For young female athletes, the pressure can be even greater. While sport and exercise are positive for your health, it is very important that you always balance the needs of your body and your sport.

Hungry for Gold? Then satisfy your body’s need for fuel and adopt a Healthy Body Image!

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