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Rising star Tim Kevin Ravnjak talks about his first love… snowboarding of course!

12 Mar 2013
YOG, Innsbruck 2012
The YOG team caught up this week with Innsbruck 2012 snowboard half-pipe silver medallist Tim Kevin Ravnjak (SLO) about the love of his sport and his hopes for the future.

Why do you love your sport?

I love snowboarding because there is nothing like waking up in the morning to go ride an awesome park or pipe, or just cruise with your friends and have as much fun as possible. Just by having fun you can progress so much. Snowboarding is also a sport in which you can be creative and always progress, and that’s why I love this sport so much.

How did you get into your sport?

I skateboarded at first, and then I decided to also try snowboarding. From the first time I stepped on my snowboard, I knew that’s what I would like to do as a pro.

How did it feel to win a medal in Innsbruck 2012?

Winning a medal at the Youth Olympic Games was amazing for me. I was really happy with my half-pipe result there, and the whole experience was really good!

How is your sporting career going since Innsbruck 2012?

It pretty much went up from there, and since then I have felt really motivated to progress and do well in snowboarding.
What did you learn from your experience at the Youth Olympic Games?

Just by being there and meeting new people, not only in the snowboarding scene but also from other sports, I learnt so much. I have some memories that I will never forget. It really was an amazing experience.
Tell us about an average training day!

My training day usually starts in the morning, when I do some warm-up laps at first and then decide if I want to learn a new trick or just improve the tricks that I already have. I also do training in the gym or go skate, and after all that I do some stretching.
What are your hopes for the future?

My next big goal is qualifying for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, but overall I just want to snowboard as much as possible without injuries and progress as much as I can.

How do you relax when not training or competing?

I really enjoy skateboarding. When I skate, I try to put everything on the side and just have fun. I also like to just chill with my friends.

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