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Rio 2016 celebrates four years to go

06 Aug 2012
RIO 2016 , Olympic News
Sunday 5 August marked four years to go until the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and the Rio Organising Committee celebrated the event at Casa Brasil in London in the presence of Rio 2016 President Carlos Arthur Nuzman.

Four years ahead of the Opening Ceremony, the Rio organisers noted how a number of major construction works needed for the Rio Olympic Games were under way, including Line 4 of the Metro system and the renovation of the port district. Within the last year, work has begun on the Olympic Park, located in the Barra zone, which will occupy a site covering 1.18 million square metres and will host a total of nine sports.

The foundations of the Olympic Village buildings are also already being laid, after groundwork preparations, and the design for the golf course has been selected. With regard to infrastructure, work on the Transolimpica Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line started in July 2012, and funding for the Transbrasil BRT link and the Light Rail Transit line in the port area has been guaranteed.

Besides highlighting the progress in preparations, President Nuzman noted the work that the 152 observers from the Organising Committee were undertaking at the London 2012 Games: “With four years to go, we continue to learn and be inspired here, and, at the same time, we are making significant progress in our home town. We can already feel the transformational power of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in a very tangible way.”

The city’s transformations last year included the opening of the new Sambodromo (venue for the start and finish of the Olympic marathon and archery contest), and the Transoeste BRT system is now in operation and open to the general public. Nuzman also noted that, one week from today, the eyes of the world would turn to Rio when the city would receive the Olympic flag during the London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony.

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