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12 Dec 2003
IOC News

Record Year for Olympic Day Run

The 2003 edition of the Olympic Day Run has been one of the biggest to date with well over one million participants from more than 160 countries worldwide. This figure does not take into consideration the last run of the year taking place on Sunday 14 December 2003 in China (Taipei).

More than just a run
Once again, the event varied considerably from one country to the next, from the traditional 10km Olympic Day Run to the more recent development of an "Olympic Week".
This concept includes sports such as cycling, football and netball as well as less traditional sports such as skateboarding and rollerblading.

From 2 to 82 years
The oldest participant this year was an 82-year-old woman from Kazakhstan, while some mothers in Britain pushed their children in prams. Antigua and Barbuda had nine members from one family participating in its event. Children and adults alike participated in artistic events such as folk dancing and essay writing and other cultural events in an effort to spread the Olympic ideals to as large a population as possible.

More and more disabled participants
The 2003 edition of the Olympic Day Run saw an even greater increase in the number of events open to disabled participants. A large number of NOCs held disabled races with the NOC of Congo promoting its national "Poussa Ndémbo", disabled soccer.

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