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17 Nov 2003
Olympic News

Record participation of NOCs for Turin 2006?

Although it will not be known for sure until 2006, 38-year-old Andreja McQuarrie, ex-Yugoslavian national ski team member and current Director of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) Services in Turin, feels confident that a record number of NOCs will be present at the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin, to be held between 10 and 26 February 2006.

Some qualifications just before the Games
"In reality", says McQuarrie, "we still don’t know the precise number: some countries could qualify their winter sport athletes just before the Games. However, we certainly expect that there will be at least 85 delegations present in Turin."

201 National Olympic Committees
The NOC Services management team has already had contacts with 109 of the 201 IOC-recognised NOCs, and it is expected that 200 visits will be made by the end of the process. "Some delegations", Andreja explains, "have already been here twice. Not just those countries nearest to Italy, but also representatives from more distant nations like New Zealand, Australia and the United States."

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