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22 Aug 2006
IOC News

Record number of visitors at the Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum has seen a record number of daily visitors since the beginning of August. While the number varies in general between 300 and 500, the number has largely exceeded 600 during the week, with peaks above 1,000 at the weekend. On Sunday 13 August, no fewer than 1,424 people crossed the threshold to the temple of Olympism!
When the swimming pools are empty the Museum is full!
As the saying goes, “One’s man meat is another man’s poison”. This could prove to be right! We will not remember the month of August 2006 as a scorching-hot month, unlike July. Barely had Swiss National Day ended, when the weather turned autumnal, to the great despair of the tourists. With beaches and swimming pools off the agenda, they therefore turned to the museums. The one on the edge of the lake is at hand with the universal history of its Movement, Games and athletes…
Two thousand five hundred and forty-six visitors in July 1998
August 2006 is therefore probably going to go down in history as regards Olympic Museum visitor numbers. However, the high numbers of the last few days do not even equal the record. We are used to saying that Olympic Summer Games years are the best (more than 200,000 people in 1996 and 2000). It was in 1998 - 16 July to be exact - when the Olympic Museum welcomed the most visitors: 2,146! Which just goes to show, you often have to be careful when it comes to statistics…
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