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02 May 2006
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Preview of two exhibitions

On Tuesday 25 April, the Olympic Museum hosted the preview of two new temporary exhibitions: Angel or Demon? The choice of fair play and Olympic Games: so Comics! in the presence of IOC President Jacques Rogge. The icing on the cake was the presence of Vincent Defrasne, biathlon pursuit gold medallist at the 20th Olympic Winter Games in Turin, who had accepted the Museum’s invitation.
A very likeable Olympic champion
In his address, Defrasne recounted how, after his very close victory over his rivals, he was carried in triumph by Norway’s Ole Björndalen and the German Sven Fischer. “An indescribable moment”, the French biathlete recalled. “Fair play cannot be written or defined; it is a special moment like the one I experienced that day.” For his part, after telling various anecdotes, the IOC President declared: “The concept of fair play is at the root of what gives the Olympic Games their value.”
What are the two exhibitions about?
Angel or Demon? The choice of fair play forces visitors to think about their own angelic or demonic sides, and highlights the fragile balance in human relations, not just in sport, but in all areas of our every-day lives. For its part, Olympic Games: so Comics! is a delightful gallery of original Olympic posters in which Goofy is seen climbing a ladder to mount a horse, and Obelix is roasting a boar on the Olympic cauldron.
Presents for the winners of the Turin competition
At the start of the evening, the IOC President presented seven of the 50 winners of the Olympic Museum competition run during the Games in Turin with their gifts from the IOC TOP sponsors and suppliers: a Panasonic home cinema and digital camcorder, a Kodak digital camera, a Samsung mobile telephone and Carlson Wagonlit Travel vouchers. The 43 other winners will receive Mizuno sports equipment, meal vouchers for McDonald’s and original Omega posters.
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