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24 Nov 2006
IOC News

Preview of the exhibition The Mind Makes a Champion

On Wednesday 22 November, the Olympic Museum hosted the preview of The Mind Makes a Champion, a new temporary exhibition which explores the road to achievement and victory by looking inside the minds of champions. This is obviously a popular subject, as more than 400 guests were there, keen to follow the athlete’s journey from childhood dream to performing the perfect movement.
Personalities and humour
Those attending the preview included Denis Oswald, IOC Executive Board member and Chairman of the Coordination Commission for the 2012 Games in London; IOC Director General Urs Lacotte; a representative from Lausanne City Council; and the talented young athlete Charles Rusterholz, a member of the Swiss Triathlon High Potential Team. To mark the occasion, the master of ceremonies was presenter and humorist Jean-Charles Simon, well-known to the Swiss audience, and his colleague Patrick Lapp.
A book to accompany the exhibition
The basis for The Mind Makes a Champion is a book with the same title, which was published in 2005. The exhibition is inspired by the mind map at the start of the book, which offers a striking illustration of the obstacles and barriers which block the path of athletes, and the mental qualities required to overcome them and lead future champions to the particular state of mind which fosters creation, accomplishment and success.
…And the exhibition itself?
Rather than a succession of educational panels, the exhibition relies to a large degree on new technology. Multimedia also means that numerous athletes can tell their stories while visitors try things out for themselves. And just like the body, the mind needs training, too. For anyone dreaming of glory, the exhibition The Mind Makes a Champion shows how to achieve it…
The Mind Makes a Champion
22 November 2006 - 2 September 2007

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