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13 Aug 2004
IOC News

President Rogge's message to the athletes

In today’s edition of the Olympic Village Newspaper, IOC President Jacques Rogge addresses the 10,500 athletes representing 202 National Olympic Committees. This is his welcome message:

Ultimate goal
“Athletes of the world, here you are in Athens. You have reached the ultimate goal of any athlete: participating in the Olympic Games, a reward for so many years of effort and sacrifice. There will be approximately 10,500 of you, representing 202 National Olympic Committees, living in this extraordinary and unique place, known as the Olympic Village.

Legendary hospitality
Our Greek friends are well known for their legendary hospitality and warm welcome. The Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (ATHOC), the city of Athens, the local and national authorities from throughout Greece, and the thousands of volunteers have spared no effort to ensure that your stay will be a pleasant, entertaining, comfortable and calm one. ATHOC have spared no expense to provide you with the best possible training and competition conditions for the Olympic Games. They deserve our warmest thanks.

“The best of yourself”
I am convinced that these will be excellent Games. Thanks to you, the athletes of the world. Over the next 16 days, you will give the best of yourselves, not only for you, your coach and those close to you, but also for the general public and the millions of young people who see in you a champion and a hero they would like to emulate.

Unforgettable atmosphere
As an athlete, I stayed three times in Olympic Villages at the Olympic Games: in Mexico City in 1968, Munich in 1972, and Montreal in 1976. The unique, unforgettable atmosphere of the Olympic Village will remain forever etched in my memory and I look forward to reliving this experience together with you in Athens.

And now, let the Games begin!”

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