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27 Aug 2004
IOC News

President Rogge confirms satisfaction of Games stakeholders

IOC President Jacques Rogge confirmed today in Athens the overall satisfaction of the Games stakeholders, including the athletes he met in the Village. "Many athletes mentioned to me how they were pleased with the Games," Rogge said.

High quality
Similar satisfaction regarding the venues and the people who are running them was also expressed by the International Sports Federations. The broadcasters are happy with the high quality of images provided and the worldwide audience increase of 15 to 20% compared to Sydney. Rogge also mentioned the high quality of the transportation and technology systems, praised by the stakeholders.

Progress in fight against doping
Rogge highlighted the progress made by the IOC in the fight against doping. He reiterated the four pillars of the IOC's policy based on:

- the intensification of the fight during the Games;
- the extension of the Games-time testing period beginning from the opening of the Village until the end of the Games;
- the geographical expansion of the testing in collaboration with the recognised doping laboratories and the World Anti-Doping Agency worldwide;
- the improved techniques for the analysis of the tests.

Concern about judging
The IOC President expressed his concern about the judging problems that have occurred in a number of sports. He underlined the IOC’s position which is that technical and judging matters are the responsibility of the IFs, and that the IOC does not intervene in such matters unless there has been a clear case of manipulation and corruption, as was the case in Salt Lake City. He explained that the IOC has worked in the past to encourage the improvements of judging systems (eg boxing, figure skating, race walking) and would do so again in the future.

Impressed by results from Asian countries
Rogge also expressed his delight at seeing the impressive sporting achievements of Asian countries, notably China, Korea and Japan, and his belief that such results are encouraging as the IOC looks forward to the Beijing 2008 Games.

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