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27 Mar 2001
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne, 27 March 2001 - Today in Lausanne the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) received Dr Panayota Badinou, author of Olympiaka, Anthology of Greek Sources. Dr Badinou was officially presenting her work published by the IOC under the direction of Professor Claude Bérard, of the Institute of Archeology and Sciences of Antiquity in Lausanne.

The IOC President declared: “I am proud of this book and of the outstanding research work carried out by Dr Badinou with genuine enthusiasm for the Olympic Movement and its origins.”

Dr Badinou thanked the IOC President for having given her the opportunity to devote herself to such an interesting project.

Olympiaka is the only work currently published in French that brings together in a single volume the accounts of the Olympic Games by 31 Greek authors from Antiquity. The book, which is extensively illustrated, is both a fine reference work for specialists and a mine of information for members of the public interested in Olympic sports and the origins of the modern Olympic Games.

Olympiaka is published by éditions Les Belles Lettres in France and the Office du Livre in Switzerland.

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