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10 Jul 2009
IOC News , Press Release

Preparation for the Algerian NOC’s next elective General Assembly

After the meeting held on 8 July 2009, at the headquarters of the Algerian Olympic Committee (COA), and the constructive and fruitful discussions held in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect between the delegation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the IOC member in Algeria and representatives of the COA and the Algerian sports federations, the undersigned have agreed on the following points:
     1. There is a common desire to find a suitable and sustainable solution to the COA’s current situation, the aim of which will be to re-unify the Algerian Olympic family and guarantee the unity of the Algerian Olympic Movement, in everyone’s interest and that of the Algerian athletes as a priority.
     2. To do this, the COA elective General Assembly should be held in calm conditions, with no external interference and with the participation of all the legitimate members of the COA, on the basis of this agreement, the statutes of the COA in force and the Olympic Charter.
     3. The legitimate leaders of the COA, as currently recognised by the IOC, will continue to manage all the COA’s everyday activities until the elective General Assembly is held.
     4. The process and operations leading up to this elective General Assembly will be placed under the responsibility of a preparatory electoral commission set up on this occasion, whose essential functions will be to:
          a. Define the procedures, conditions and terms of the elections within the  framework of the COA statutes.
          b. Define the timetable leading up to the elections and the precise date of this elective General Assembly.
          c. Implement the whole of this process.
This electoral commission will be made up of five members: a chairman to be determined, the COA Secretary General, a member of the COA, and two members representing the Algerian sports federations that are members of the COA.
This electoral commission will regularly inform the IOC of the evolution of the situation and the various stages of this process.
     5. The IOC will supervise the smooth running of the process and ensure compliance with these agreements. Furthermore, the IOC will be available for the COA and the electoral commission to give it the necessary directions and facilitate the accomplishment of the process.
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