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23 Sep 2011
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Play the Mascot Music Maker game!

London 2012 Olympic mascot Wenlock is continuing in its quest to inspire young people in the run-up to the Games.

The latest adventure, the online game Mascot Music Maker, sees participants tapping in time with the music to make the London's mascots dance a happy jig. The game features the official London 2012 mascot song "On a Rainbow", written by Tom Fletcher from boy band McFly and performed along with his sister, Carrie Fletcher, and West Leigh Junior School Choir.

Similar in concept to popular video games, users can get the mascots dancing by hitting the keys A,S,D,F in time to the corresponding coloured squares.

However, try webcam mode for more of a challenge – move your hands to tap the colour blocks on screen and you will see yourself dancing along with Wenlock and Paralympic mascot Mandeville in no time at all!

Mascot Music Maker joins games such as "Swim Wenlock Swim!" and "Super Trampoline" on the London 2012 website. Other fun features on the site include "Make Your Mascot", which allows users to create their own customised versions of the two characters.


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