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20 Feb 2006
IOC News


Before even saying hello, some people ask straight away, “Do you have any pins?”
As for all self-respecting traditions, at the same time as the Olympic Games competitions there is a quest for pins, which tourists, volunteers and amateurs hunt down and collect like archaeologists searching for relics of the past.

The star pins of the XX Olympic Winter Games are undoubtedly the two Torino 2006 mascots, Neve and Gliz, a snowball and an ice cube, which can be found alone or depicted each of the seven winter sports on the Games programme. Let’s not forget either Aster the snowflake, the mascot of the Paralympic Games.
The pins which have been the greatest commercial success are the institutional pins, for example those with the Torino 2006 emblem featuring the historic “Mole Antonelliana” monument, or those with the logos of the City of Turin or the Piedmont Region, and those which show the flags of the countries of the world.

The inventive and fanciful spirit of the Torino 2006 pin creators continues with the illustration of the mountain competition venues, pins showing the logos of the towns concerned, designed on a background of the mountain peaks. There is also the snowflake, the Olympic torch designed by Pininfarina, or the bull symbol of the City of Turin.
Turin doesn’t forget the historical patrimony of its region either and, still in an Olympic context of course, sells pins bearing the image of the Automobile Museum, the Cinema Museum, the Exilles Fort and the Stupinigi Palace.

But the real collectors don’t stop there. The really passionate ones search for the pins that are practically unobtainable, Olympic Games pins that were never made available for any other sports event.
Besides the very recent Torino 2006 pins, one can also find pins depicting previous or future editions of the Games. Others contain the Olympic rings or the dove of peace. The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the various Paralympic Games sports, the flag of participating countries, Olympic torches of previous editions, and the names of Olympic sponsors also feature on some pins. At each meeting of the greatest sports show in the world, everyone goes crazy trying to create new pins, which are ready to enter the collectors’ world!
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