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23 Feb 2010
IOC News

Phelps dives into another side

While many athletes are advising Youth Olympic Games athletes to not work themselves too hard and to just have fun, swimming champion Michael Phelps says working hard is the fun.

“It's all about the competition,” Phelps said. “Racing against the best athletes in the world, from all over the world.”

Phelps, who was officially named YOG Ambassador yesterday, said the competitive side of sport brings out a completely different side to him that makes him capable of being the greatest athlete he can be.

“Some [fellow competitors] have really been able to bring the best out of me - it's something that's been really enjoyable,” he said.

The 16-time Olympic medal-holder recalled the difficulties in his athletic career and how reminding himself of his goals and to keep training pushed him through the tough times.

“The biggest thing is to never give up,” Phelps said. “If you can work just as hard on the days where you're tired it'll pay off in the long run.”


By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter

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