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20 Aug 2010
IOC News

Pedro Yang, Athlete Role Model in the Youth Olympic Village

Amongst the 46 Athlete Role Models present in Singapore for the Youth Olympic Games, Pedro Yang blogs on his encounter with the young athletes in the village square.

As an Athlete Role Model (ARM) in the YOG I have been engaged in many activities since my arrival in Singapore.  My main activities have seen me interact with Young Olympians in the Youth Olympic Village where we designed a tile while getting to know each other and having the opportunity to exchange cultural differences.  I can gladly say that now I know how the country of Tongo looks like as one of the Athletes made a tile with the map of Tongo as it's design, it was so cool.

Today I had an environment education programme with over fifty athletes from all five Continents.  In the end the activity I knew how to say both "hello" and "thank you" in over 9 languages as the Young Olympians managed to teach me the right pronunciation for each word. I have to say that Arabic is quite difficult for me to pronounce but in the end I managed to get it just right, or so I thought.

One special memory of my ARM programme happened 2 days ago when I went to  Regent Primary School. The school had gathered some sixty students to take part in a badminton clinic with myself as the main promoter.  I told a brief story about my life and answered questions related to my sporting career. The highlight of the activity came in the end, when one of the students asked me to take a picture and said that it was the best day of his life. His comment brought an inspiring joy to me and made me just think of one thing; this Youth Olympic Games will not only touch 3,600 young lives, it will also affect every young person out there who dreams about being a champion in their own sport, and being a Champion in such a young age means being the best they can be and therefore I am glad to be part of making it happen through the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore 2010.

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