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Paris 2024 builds the foundations for successful observation

19 Nov 2020

Paris 2024 used the Winter Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020 in January as a pilot to develop an observation framework, including templates to capture and analyse needs and resulting learnings, and the implementation of debrief sessions following the Games. The lessons learnt will help Paris 2024 to prepare its participation in the future Games Experience Programmes (GEP).

Next year, Paris 2024 also intends to conduct some pilot tests with the GEP Connect tool in order to assess how it can be used to facilitate capture and analysis of observations.

This is even more relevant as Paris 2024 will be provided with learning opportunities at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Games. A strategy is being defined to maximise the benefits from each of these opportunities, including the Paralympic Games, and to optimise the return on investment for Paris 2024.

In parallel, Paris 2024 continues to develop its Event Delivery Model through which elements of the event delivery will be outsourced (on a sport-by-sport and venue-by-venue approach). The learning strategy and the planning framework will evolve to integrate this model.

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