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Paris 2024 - athletes at the heart of the Olympic Games

10 Jul 2017
Paris 2024
Athletes are at the heart of the Olympic Games. Without them, the Games could not happen, and their first-hand experiences form an invaluable part of any candidature for the Games. Here, the cities hoping to host the Olympic Games in 2024 describe the day-to-day role and contributions of their respective athletes’ commissions to their candidature projects

Athletes are the heartbeat of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their trials and triumphs inspire the world. It is therefore only natural that the creation of an Athletes’ Committee was among the very first decisions of the Paris 2024 Candidature team, itself led by the French sport movement.

Consisting of 24 Olympians and Paralympians with equal gender representation, the Committee is co-chaired by Rio 2016 gold medallist and double Olympic champion, Teddy Riner, and Rio 2016 gold medallist and double Paralympic champion, Marie-Amélie Le Fur.
In total, its members have participated in 54 Olympic and Paralympic Games and have won 43 Olympic and Paralympic medals.

Putting their wealth of Games knowledge at the service of the candidature, Committee members meet regularly to bring ideas and first-hand athlete experiences to all areas of the project, including the development of the venue plan and the selection of the Olympic Village.

Aligned with the candidature’s focus on innovation and engagement, Paris 2024 has also launched a mobile app which allows over 15,000 athletes across France to interact with the candidature and the Athletes’ Committee, making it easier than ever for them to provide their insights and suggestions.

* Text, images and illustrations provided by Paris 2024

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