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03 Sep 2004
IOC News

Paralympic Torch Relay: six days to go!

In one week, on 9 September, the Paralympic flame will be ignited in Athens, lighting up the 12th Paralympic Games. During the next eight days it will cover a distance of 410km throughout Attica, the region hosting all the Paralympic venues.

705 torchbearers
Fifty-four municipalities are included in the Torch Relay route and 705 torchbearers will carry the light and the values of strength, pursuit, inspiration and celebration.

Historical areas and monuments
The ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Torch Relay will bring its light to historical areas and monuments, as well as sites with a distinctly modern Greek character. It will be a tour through places of unique natural beauty, highlighting the accomplishments of today's Greece.

From the heart of Athens
The journey will begin from the heart of Athens, in the Thisseion area, a place connected with the Ancient Greek God Hephaistos, whose symbols were fire and crafts.

Opening Ceremony on 17 September
On the morning of 17 September, the Paralympic flame will begin its journey towards the Olympic Stadium of Athens and its final destination: the Opening Ceremony of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games.

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