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12 Apr 2010
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PâKOMUZé at The Olympic Museum

Vancouver 2010, sustainable development and living traditions

As part of Lausanne’s museums’ joint activities, PâKOMUZé, The Olympic Museum rolled out extra time for the Vancouver Games, offering young people the chance to continue their discovery of Canadian culture.

Icons and gastronomy

At the orders of a Canadian chef, budding cooks were invited to taste delicious maple syrup biscuits. Plenty to tickle the taste buds!

Creativity was in abundance at the “Top of the Totems” workshop. Young and older alike designed their dream totem, drawing inspiration from the traditional iconography of the First Nations. Each participant received a Vancouver 2010 souvenir prize.

After having made their own torch, the children ran a relay, as is customary before each edition of the Games. As a souvenir, each runner then received a symbol of Canada made out of chocolate: an ice hockey puck, of course!

Canada: goodbye and thank you!

Many people turned up for this last stage of the Canadian-flavoured Educational Cultural Programme. Begun six months ago for the Vancouver Games, this ethnographic, cinematographic and gastronomic discovery of Canada may have made many participants want to continue the experience… in Canada. 

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