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15 Sep 2004
IOC News

Over 114,000 participants for ATHENS 2004 website competition

More than 114,000 people participated in the IOC’s website competition launched at the beginning of July on The competition ended on 12 September and the 300 winners were drawn yesterday by prize draw. The competition prize, the official video game of ATHENS 2004, will be sent at the beginning of October to all the lucky winners.

All continents
The winners’ list reflects the participation of all five continents. Most of the video games will be sent to the USA, Brazil and Argentina, followed by Europe, Australia, and South Africa.

Four questions and answers
To win the official video game of the Olympic Games, the participants had to complete four questions, the answers to which could be found on the site.

The four questions were:

1. How many different events are featured in the ATHENS 2004 video game?

2. How many editions of the Olympic Games have there been since 1896 (winter and summer)?

3. How old was Oscar Swahn when he won his first Olympic medal?

4. In which year did women’s football become recognised as an Olympic sport?

Dive into the heart of Athens 2004
With the ATHENS 2004 video game, the lucky winners can dive into the heart of the world’s greatest sporting event and try to win the gold medal at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad! More than 25 events (athletics, gymnastics, weightlifting, swimming, equestrian sports, shooting and archery) await them.

Did you win?
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