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14 Jan 2011
IOC News , Olympic Studies Centre

OSC attributes 2011 Academic Research Grants

In the framework of its Postgraduate Research Grant Programme, the IOC Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) has chosen six research projects for their academic excellence and for their potential for developing the Olympic Movement.

The 2011 winners

The authors of these projects will benefit from a grant which will allow them to consult the OSC’s collections (unique collections of more than one million archived documents, publications, official reports, photos and films). The results of their research should be published at the end of the year.

The six candidates/research teams selected and their chosen projects are:

-  Natalie Barker-Ruchti and Dean Michael Barker (Basel University, Switzerland), Jessica Lee (Loughborough University, Great Britain) and Steven Rynne (University of Queensland, Australia): “Preparing Olympic Athletes for Lives Outside of Elite Sport: Towards Best Practice”.

- Jason William Harding (Griffith University, Australia): “Impact of Technology on Olympic Snowboard Judging – Perceptions of Athletes and Officials”.

- Martin Müller (St Gallen University, Switzerland) and Allison Stewart (University of Oxford, Great Britain): “Learning in Temporary Organisations: Assessing the Factors Enabling and Disabling Knowledge Transfer in the Olympic Games”.

-  Robert Oliver (Virginia Tech University, United States): “Toronto’s Olympic Ambitions: An Investigation of the Olympic Bidding Legacy in one Modern City”.

- Marcel Reinold (University of Münster, Germany): “Historical Analysis of the Ethical Foundation of the IOC Anti-Doping Fight”.

- Umberto Tulli (Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane, Naples Campus, Italy): “Paradoxes of Humanism. Human Rights Advocacy the Olympic Movement and the 1980 Olympic Boycott”.

35 files from 22 countries

The winners were selected by a committee comprising experts renowned for the quality of their research linked to Olympism and/or for their involvement in Olympic studies. This year, 35 candidature files were submitted from 22 countries, addressing a variety of themes such as the Youth Olympic Games, athletes’ careers, Games legacy, transfer of knowledge in sports organisations, technology and Olympic sports, and the history of the Olympic Movement.

Who chooses?

The selection committee for the 2011 edition of the programme comprised the following members: Gudrun Doll-Tepper (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany), Beatriz García (University of Liverpool, Great Britain), Ian Henry (Loughborough University, Great Britain), Bruce Kidd (University of Toronto, Canada), Françoise Papa (Université Stendhal Grenoble 3, France), Kristine Toohey (Griffith University Gold Coast, Australia), Cesar Torres (State University of New York, United States)  as well as Maria Bogner (Head of the Olympic Studies Centre), Nuria Puig (Head of University Relations - OSC), and OSC representatives.

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