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One year to go: Italian touch for Turin Winter Games

09 Feb 2005
Olympic News

With building work in Turin fast approaching completion, and Olympic Review FOCUS have asked Coordination Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Killy to comment on the specificity of the Turin 2006 Games.

Olympic Review: In what ways will Turin 2006 be different from past Olympic Winter Games?
“No two Olympic Games are exactly the same. But no two Games are completely different. This is one of the things that make the Games special. The Turin 2006 Games will of course be the first time the Olympic Winter Games have been held in Italy for 50 years. The Turin 2006 Torch Relay will pass through Cortina D’Ampezzo on the day that marks 50 years since the Opening Ceremony there. Rome’s Summer Games were more than 40 years ago.

National preoccupation
Sport has always been a national preoccupation in Italy and now the country is realising what an opportunity it has with Turin 2006. So we can hope for the Italians to bring their special national flavour to the Games.

First time in a European city of this size
Turin 2006 will also be the first time a European Olympic Winter Games have been hosted by a city the size of Turin. This will bring its own special feel. For example, a medal plaza in the city’s main historical piazza will bring athletes, even from the mountain sports, close to a very large number of spectators.

Transformation of the city
Turin is renovating old sites and buildings. The Olympic Games are completing a transformation of the city that had already been started. The former Fiat factory at the Lingotto had already been converted for post-industrial use. During the Games, it will house the Olympic Family hotel, the offices of the Turin Olympic Broadcasting Organisation and the Press Centre, all alongside the existing shops and cinema, etc.

Respect for urban environment
The city’s main food market is now becoming the Olympic Village. Turin’s Esposizione site is having new life breathed into it and will host the ice hockey matches. The Palavela has been completely transformed. A new structure beneath the original roof will host the figure skating and short track events. In each case, the original architectural shapes have been respected. There has clearly been a great deal of respect paid to Turin’s urban environment and to making sure the Games bring lasting improvements.”

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