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04 Nov 2003
Olympic News

Olympic Winter Games Stimulate Economic Growth

Preparations for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games will have a significant economic impact on the city of Turin, according to a recent study. Employment opportunities and economic growth associated with the Olympic Games will contribute significantly to the development of the city and the region.

Legacy of growth and development for Turin 2006
From 2004 until 2007, 6,400 new jobs on average will be created per year, and the rate of unemployment is expected to fall by an average of 0.3% per year in Turin and the Piedmont region, according to a study carried out by the Turin Employers' Association and the Turin Organising Committee (TOROC).

Jobs will not disappear after the Games
The President of TOROC, Valentino Castellani, noted that "Turin 2006 represents an important opportunity for development in the area. The new jobs and professional skills that are created will not disappear when the Olympic flame is extinguished, but will leave an important legacy of growth and development within a context of respect for the environment and attention to values."

40% in construction sector
The Turin 2006 Games will affect all economic sectors, each differently. Those most directly concerned, and where new employment opportunities will occur, are the construction, trade, hotel, bar and restaurant sectors. Forty percent of all new jobs will be developed in the construction sector, 23% in trade, hotels, bars and restaurants and 19% in other services.

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