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05 Aug 2012
London 2012 , IOC News

Olympic Village caters for all needs

With adrenaline coursing through athletes’ veins on the playing fields, LOCOG has gone the extra mile to create a relaxing haven, providing facilities that meet participants’ every need before, during and after competition.

The dining area caters for all tastes and religions, serving up 1,300 different types of dish every day. Weather permitting, there is also a ‘Street Food’ dining area that is situated outdoors. Eating areas are designed for socialising with large tables, while brightly colour-coded areas make finding friends – and making new ones – easier.

At the heart of the Olympic Village is the Globe, the main centre of recreation where facilities such as a private cinema, stage, bar, music studio, pool and football tables, a computer gaming area, TVs and Blu-ray players and a pub garden are all proving popular. 

Many of the facilities encourage interaction between athletes, with competitive natures springing to the fore as different countries challenge each other to football table and billiards/pool tournaments.

Athletes can also win top-of-the-range headphones in a freestyle rap competition in the recording studio found in one corner of the Globe. Outside there are also lounge chairs and chill-out zones to help them relax.

Naturally, a state-of-the-art gym is essential in the Athletes’ Village and this one features more than 750 pieces of high-tech equipment and more than 100 professional personal trainers.

A multi-faith centre offers an area for reflection, with support from a team of more than 50 religious figures representing five different faiths. There is also a beauty salon has been well visited by athletes, some choosing free manicures and others going for different treatments.

Keeping in touch with friends and family is another vital part for maintaining an athlete’s wellbeing, and a mobile phone outlet run by Olympic sponsor Samsung caters for their needs.

Olympic Village mayor Charles Allen, said before the Games: “A huge amount of work has gone into ensuring that London 2012 will deliver a ‘gold medal’ standard Olympic Village that has been designed with the needs of modern performance athletes in mind.”

After the Games, the Village will form part of the London 2012 legacy, through its conversion into 2,818 new homes and an education campus specialising in the performing arts for some 1,800 students, aged between four and 19.

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