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24 May 2005
IOC News

Olympic Truce Session in Olympia

How can sport contribute to conflict prevention and resolution, peace-building, national cohesion and development?

The Olympic Truce session will take place at the International Olympic Academy, at the sacred site of Ancient Olympia, Greece, between 24 and 27 May 2005. More than 22 National Olympic Committees from countries in conflict, or post-conflict, will participate. They will debate the relevance of sport to peace, conflict prevention and resolution, post-conflict reconstruction and national dialogue.
The United Nations, World Bank and regional political and sports organisations have also been invited to this unique session. Representatives from TOROC, BOCOG, VANOC and ATHOC will also give information on their Olympic Truce programmes and activities.

Opening Ceremony
Mr Isidoros Kouvelos, Vice-President of the International Olympic Academy and the Hellenic National Olympic Committee, will welcome the participants of the International Olympic Academy, while H.E. Ms Fanny Palli Petralia, Alternate Minister of Culture and Vice-President of the International Olympic Truce Foundation, will officially open the session.

Five main topics
The session will be divided up into different parts and will concentrate on five main topics:

- The role of institutions in the concept of the Olympic Truce
- The contribution of sports to conflict prevention and peace-building
- Olympic Games and Olympic Truce: leveraging the brand
- The contribution of international organisations to the Olympic Truce
- Sport, conflict prevention and peace-building

Several case studies
During the session, several case studies will illustrate the effort which is already being made in the field of peace and sport. One example will highlight sport as a tool for fostering dialogue and peace in East Timor. Other case studies will illustrate the role of sport in the national healing process in Afghanistan and the building of bridges across divided communities in Colombia.

Truce resolution to be voted by UN General Assembly
The session will also handle the preparation of the next Truce resolution in view of the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin. The resolution will be voted by the 60th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations this autumn in New York.

Final recommendations
The Olympic Truce session will end with a plenary meeting on Friday 26 May, which will adopt the final recommendations.

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