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28 Nov 2006
IOC News , Press Release

Olympic programme updates

The IOC Executive Board (EB) today heard the recommendations of the Programme Commission regarding the composition of the programme of future Olympic Games.
The Programme Commission is responsible for reviewing and analysing the programme of sports, disciplines and events, as well as making proposals on the principles and structure of the Olympic Programme for the Olympic Games and the Olympic Winter Games.
For reference, the EB is the body responsible for deciding on events and disciplines; the Session remains responsible for the composition of the Olympic Programme as far as sports are concerned.
Based on the report of the Olympic Programme Commission, which met last October in Lausanne, the EB approved recommendations in three main areas:
Evaluation of the Olympic Programme review process:
The evaluation of the review process of the Summer Olympic Programme, which included discussions with stakeholders - International Federations (IFs), National Olympic Committees (NOCs), Recognised Federations and athletes, resulted in a series of recommendations that were unanimously approved by the EB:
On the general review process:
- EB to make recommendations to the Session in terms of the composition of the Olympic Programme
- EB to propose to the Session a list of 25 sports to be voted as a block, except for the 2016 review where 26 sports would be proposed.
- EB to propose to the Session a list of selected recognized sports to be considered for possible inclusion
- Modify the Olympic Charter to establish that a simple majority of votes decides on the inclusion of new sports to the Programme
- Schedule the review of the Olympic Programme so that it can be finalised seven years prior to the Olympic Games (which is already the case)

On the Olympic Programme:
- Increase the minimum number of sports in each edition of the Games from 15 to 25 and modify the Olympic Charter accordingly
- Keep maximum number of athletes at 10,500
- Keep maximum number of sports at 28
- Allow flexibility regarding the number of events, disciplines and teams.
Vancouver 2010 Programme – Events and Disciplines
The EB decided to maintain the events included for the first time in Turin (Speed Skating – Team Pursuit, Biathlon – Mass Start, Cross Country Skiing – Team Sprint, and Snowboard – Snowboard Cross) on the programme of the Olympic Winter Games.
In addition, seven proposals to include new events have been studied by the Olympic Programme Commission according to a list of criteria as outlined below:
- Events must have a recognised international standing both numerically and geographically, and have been included at least twice in world and continental championships
- Global public and media interest in a sport must be considered as key elements in the analysis of sports for these are fundamental elements in the success of the Games
- The social value of a sport (e.g. elements of environmental impacts, athletes’ health, education, non-discrimination, fair-play and solidarity), should be considered
- To be considered for admission to the Olympic Programme, a sport must show a direct emphasis on youth and development
- The judging and adjudicating system of a sport must ensure objectivity, fairness and transparency
The EB followed the recommendations of the Olympic Programme Commission and took the following decisions:
to include – if VANOC also agrees - the event of Ski Cross which meets all the criteria listed above and whose appeal to the youth has grown tremendously over the last year
not to include the events of Biathlon Mixed Relay, Bobsleigh and Skeleton Team Competition, Luge Team Competition, and Alpine Skiing Nation Team Event as these events would only allow the same athletes already participating in an individual event to take part in another event and win more medals.
not to include Curling Mixed Doubles and Women Ski Jumping as their development is still in the early stage thus lacking the international spread of participation and technical standard required for an event to be included in the programme.
The EB noted that it would be closely following the development of Women Ski Jumping with a view of its inclusion in future Olympic Games.
Quotas are still under discussion with IFs and will be finalized once the decision on events has been made.
2014 Programme – Sports
The EB decided not to include Ski Orienteering, Ski Mountaineering and Winter Triathlon in the review process of the programme of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
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