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09 Feb 2006
IOC News , Press Release

Olympic programme for London 2012 confirmed

IOC session do not consider baseball and softball for reinstatement into the 2012 Olympic Programme
The 118th IOC Session gathered in Turin today decided that a vote on the reinstatement of baseball and softball into the Olympic programme of the 2012 London Olympic Games should not be put on this morning’s session agenda.
This means that the decision taken during the 117th Session in Singapore to have 26 sports on the programme in London stands.
The results of the vote are as follows:
Box given:         95
Participants:      90
Abstentions:      2
Valid Ballots:     88
Majority:          45
NO:                  46
YES:                42
Box given:         95
Participants:      92
Abstentions:      2
Valid Ballots:     90
Majority:          46
NO:                  47
YES:                43
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