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Rio 2016 Water Polo pool Getty Images
16 Mar 2017
RIO 2016 , Legacy , Olympic News

Olympic pools forming part of Rio 2016 legacy

Underlining the importance placed on legacy by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Games Rio 2016 organisers, the swimming pools built for the Rio Games have now been dismantled and are being dispatched to various locations around Brazil, where they will be set-up as permanent facilities.

The pools used for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 were all designed specifically with ease of installation and disassembly in mind, to enable them to be redeployed after the Games. Hence there was never any risk that the facilities would end up being left unused or underused following Rio 2016.

The main Olympic pool is set to be moved to the other side of Rio de Janeiro, to a military base located on the slopes of the Sugarloaf Mountain. A similar future awaits the water polo pool which is set to be relocated from the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre to the city of Manaus, 2,850km from the Olympic host city.

Rio 2016 Water Polo pool Getty Images

Meanwhile, the two pools at the Parque dos Atletas, have also been allocated new homes. The first will be delivered to a military base in Guarantiguetà, not far from San Paolo, for military competitions, while the other will go to Salvador de Bahía, where it will form the centrepiece of a new public facility for the community.

Finally, the Aquatics Centre warm-up pool has been dismantled and is waiting for a new location to be decided upon by its owner the City of Rio de Janeiro.

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