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11 Feb 2005
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Olympic Museum: programme of events for 2005

Last Wednesday, around 15 journalists from radio, television and the written press attended the traditional start-the-year breakfast for the media. Marie-Claude Jéquier, Head of the Lausanne Cultural Affairs Department, was also present.

Agora, the new series of talks
Museum Director Francis Gabet was the first to explain the programme, followed by other Museum staff members. He began by describing the Agora programme, a new annual series of four talks arranged with the help of Jean-Philippe Rapp, former presenter of Zig Zag Café on Télévision Suisse Romande [French-speaking Swiss Television]. The second Agora, in June, will be devoted to IOC President Jacques Rogge.

Mike Horn, adventurer, then audiovisual improvisation
In early March, Mike Horn, just back from his incredible 20,000 km Arctic Circle journey in temperatures down to –70°, will be on hand to talk about his expedition. Shivers guaranteed! Then, in April, four days of audiovisual improvisation will see seven teams of young enthusiasts producing short films on an Olympic theme.

A cultural summer at the Museum
The end of May will see the opening of The Roots of Sport, a major exhibition on two levels looking at the origins of sports in their cultural, ritual or political context. This is taking place in the framework of the International Year of Sport, and will kick off a cultural summer at the Museum, with a programme including events, initiations, demonstrations, displays, music, martial arts and even gastronomy…

25 Years of Olympic Week
The autumn and winter will be unashamedly sporting, with the 25th anniversary of Olympic week, the young sports commentators competition, an exhibition and an Agora on the forthcoming Winter Games in Turin, a talk entitled "Objective: marathon" and a symposium on nationality in sport.

The Olympic Museum is unquestionably an Agora for reflection, creation and dialogue. So much so, this has almost become its watchword…

Olympic Museum: programme of events for 2005
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