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12 Mar 2004
Olympic News

Olympic Museum Lausanne: searching for a photograph

Patrick Singleton, 29, is a luger from Bermuda. In mid-March he came specially to the Olympic Museum to try to find images of his fall at the Salt Lake City Olympic Winter Games in 2002. It was an unfortunate fall as he had obtained the best time during the qualifying rounds!

Journalist in Nagano
Patrick Singleton qualified in journalism and philosophy at the University of North Carolina. In order to train he lived for several years in Japan (he even participated in the Nagano Games), where he worked as journalist for American television.

Next stop: Turin 2006
Today, he wants to move to Europe to better prepare for the Turin Games and qualify for the skeleton event. "First on my back, then on my front," he laughs to explain the difference in position between the luge and skeleton.

"All my life, I’ve dreamed of the Olympic Games"
"All my life, I’ve dreamed of the Olympic Games," he says. "I even based my philosophy diploma on the Ancient Olympic Games." He also hopes one day to be able to work within the Olympic Movement.

Flag-bearer for Bermuda in Bermudas
During the Opening Ceremony of the Salt Lake City Games, Patrick Singleton, the flag-bearer for Bermuda, was the talk of the town for marching in Bermuda shorts among the thousands of athletes wrapped up in their winter clothes.

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