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16 Aug 2004
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Olympic Museum in the heart of the Village

The Olympic Museum based in Lausanne is also present in the Olympic Village in Athens where it is staging an interactive exhibition for the athletes.

Dare to compare
The exhibition allows the athletes to compare themselves with those from Antiquity. A photo souvenir rewards those who dare to compare. Athletes can also discover the amazing history of the Museum’s collections and guess which unique objects are hidden in a treasure chest.

Looking for new objects
The Museum is also striving to obtain new objects for its collection. Athletes are approached and asked to offer some of their equipment. The Museum is looking for objects that symbolise the Olympic spirit, a gesture of fair play, or those that underline the spirit of the Games. In addition, objects can also illustrate the technological development or the design of the Games.

200,000 visitors each year
Every year, the Olympic Museum hosts over 200,000 visitors who love sport; it is a second home to sporting people. The Olympic Museum preserves, studies and promotes the Olympic legacy. In Lausanne, and on all five continents, permanent, temporary and mobile exhibitions disseminate the values of Olympism as well as themes related to sport seen as a phenomenon of society: our job is not only history, but also the latest news.
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