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03 Nov 2005
IOC News

Olympic Museum: a new educational offer

In the framework of the “Finding the Roots of Sport. Origins – rites – identities” exhibition currently being held at the Olympic Museum, the Educational and Cultural Services offers teachers an educational programme devoted to traditional sports.
Interactive approach
An educational kit based on an interactive and interdisciplinary approach. Thanks to school and extra-curricular activities, the kit is an invitation to think (from the starting point of traditional sports and their links with modern or Olympic sports) about sport as a heritage, its status with regard to culture, and finally, to reflect on the values it can promote in society.
This new Olympic Museum offer is accompanied by a DVD made during the activities organised at the Olympic Museum during summer 2005. The DVD shows demonstrations of traditional sports. In the DVD-ROM section, there is information on traditional sports, such as the Naadam games in Mongolia, kurash in Uzbekistan, wushu in China, capoeira in Brazil, sumo in Japan, wrestling in Senegal, and Swiss wrestling. These sequences are accompanied by interviews, photos and video clips.
Information sessions: teachers’ programme
Discover the exhibition through the cultural and sporting elements likely to interest students.
Defining the notions of culture, rite, heritage and values, starting from traditional sports and going towards Olympic sports.
Explanations about the educational activities and documents that allow sport to be discussed as a cultural heritage and global issue.
Possibility of organising courses on request – minimum 10 teachers (sign up on +41(0)21 621 67 57-58).
An educational programme developed in collaboration with the Education and Development Foundation  (FED)
The educational kit and DVD can be ordered at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.
Tel. +41(0) 21 621 66 57; Fax +41(0) 21 621 65 12; or through the Education and Development Foundation It is available in French, English and German (53 pages, 92 black-and-white illustrations).

Activities for young visitors in the framework of promoting Olympic education:

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